Jake, Roger & Bo

"We meet Cherylann while our boy, Jake, was fighting Stage 5 T Cell Lymphoma. She was recommended to us by our vet to help Jake's quality of life and when we finally meet her it was amazing. She bonded with Jake immediately. You could feel the connection, and was with him right to the end. It is hard to articulate but we know that Jake spoke to us thru Cherylann and we can not thank her enough. 

Cherylann continued to work with Jake's best friend, Roger. Roger was a 12 year old rabbit who was bonded to Jake. When Jake passed, Roger felt the effects. He had a stroke and lost the use of his legs, but not his love for life. Cherylann worked with Roger weekly and you could always tell he felt much more comfortable after she saw him. 

She went above and beyond and became Rogers babysitter when we had to travel for work. We always loved watching her post Roger's adventures on facebook. Roger hanging out with Julip, Roger going to class, Roger meeting the Wolves... He had amazing adventures with Cherylann, not too bad for a Bunny found abandoned on the side of the road :) 

Watching how impactful Cherylann was with Jake & Roger we knew that our new Black Lab, Bohdan, from Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida would benefit from working with her, too. Bo came to us as an owner surrender who spent the first two years of his life as an outdoor "farm dog" He needed some help adjusting to his new surroundings and Cherylann was able to help him by helping us understand him. She enabled him to communicate to us. What we originally saw as aggression was really just Bo being unsure of his new environment and afraid. She helped us learn how to communicate with Bo and over time his transformation has been amazing. It would not have been possible without Cherylann's guidance. 

The best part has been watching her work with Bo in the pool, we wanted him to be comfortable around the water for his own safety. He started his swim lessons, a little hesitant at first, and over time become more an more comfortable with the pool. One day, out of nowhere, he just decided to head down the steps for a little dip and has been enjoying "His" pool everyday since. We can not thank Cherylann enough for what she has done for Jake, Roger, and now Bohdan, and we are very grateful that she a part of our family."
-- Dennis Hammer

Cody & Cooper

"My boys love nothing more than a massage or swim session with Cherylann! Cody and Cooper have built such a special bond with Cherylann and it's been amazing to watch their trust grow over the last year. They are much happier and healthier pups with her in our lives."
-- Sandra Baxter


"Buck-A-Roo has been receiving hydrotherapy from Cherylann for the last 7 years and has benefited immensely from it. It has helped improve his mobility and keeps him physically fit. After his hip surgeries, as a puppy, he was afraid to get in the car, but all I have to do now, is say "Let's go see CA!" and he grabs his duck and is ready to head out the door and hit the water."
-- Nicky Evans


"Cherylann helped Nicki, a traumatized 10 year-old rescue, regain her confidence and become a wonderful, loving family member in her new household. Her change was nothing short of astonishing to witness. We couldn't have come this far without Cherylann!"
-- Pat


"Thanks to all who praised Cherylann for the gift that she is to our beloved fur babies. Here is a picture of my late Bubba who learned how to swim with Cherylann the last year or so of his 18 year life. That, along with the other therapies he received made an absolute huge difference in his quality of life! When you see suffering and you see what that kind of care can do, you just have to speak up whenever possible."
-- Janet Bachelor


"It all started with my soul mate Buckwheat. When he got old and sick, Cherylann was there to help him. Oh how he LOVED swimming but as he got weaker he needed more and more help. Cherylann gave him comfort and happiness in the water. She has since helped all our subsequent dogs at some point in their lives when they had limps, aches and pains and now she is helping me too! Love me some Cherylann. "

-- Anne Ramee


"After a session with Cherylann Blay-Marquez, Mackadoodle is relaxed and his stiffness is greatly eased."
-- Elissa Mackintosh